Funivia Brusino-Serpiano

From the peak of the San Giorgio, at 1,000 m elevation in southern Ticino, you can enjoy a view overlooking the lake and the mountains that offer unforgettable glimpses of the region. However, the San Giorgio especially prides itself in its accession to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to its fossils. These are exhibited at the Museum in Meride, designed by Ticino architect Mario Botta. In a couple of hours' walk you can reach the summit from Meride while, on the way down, you can choose the western route on one of the most interesting segments, the Geo-paleontological path.


Boat + Entrance Funivia Brusino-Serpiano, Brusino
CHF 41.40
CHF 23.40 Half-Fare travelcard
CHF 20.80 (6 - 16 years old)

OPEN FROM 29.03.2018 TO THE 28.10.2018 

Wednesday-Sunday, from 9:15 to 17:45
It runs every 30 minutes


Funivia Brusino Serpiano
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