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Bar and Ristorante aboard


LUNCH TOUR 2H 05 - Tickets here

Lugano - Campione - Melide -  Brusino - Morcote - Porto Ceresio


Lugano Classic Tour


Lugano - Paradiso - Morcote

Cambusa Lugano

is a young, creative and innovative gastronomy business that has always been very careful to maintain the local, traditional mediterranean food culture, offering an all-round gastronomic experience all year from coffee and bar service on scheduled passenger journeys on lake Lugano to on-board lunch and dinner based on seasonal ingredients.

What’s being offered is a targeted, personalized restaurant service in collaboration with SNL, aiming to fully satisfy passengers on board giving them the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience immersed in the fabulous, scenic setting of Lake Lugano as well as appreciate the innovative cuisine designed to please everyone whatever their culinary choice may be.


For every occasion we will organise the perfect party for you:
Company party, birthday, wedding and much more. 

Browse through our site and make yourself an idea of the different possibilities and our services. Of course we would be glad to welcome you personally.

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